For over 75 years, UB&T has provided Trust Services to our customers. Our Trust professionals have the expertise to act as Corporate Trustee for a variety of Trust accounts including:

  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Guardianships/Conservatorships
  • Life Insurance Trusts

Why choose a Corporate Trustee?

A Corporate Trustee provides:

  • Experience – Trust administration and investment oversight
  • Continuity – A Trust Company is a continuing entity so it may best match the term of the Trust
  • Objectivity – A Trust Company is objective and will not be subject to family dynamics or emotions
  • Privacy – A Trust document is confidential and not subject to Probate. Since Probate is a court proceeding, your Will and the valuation of your assets are open to public inspection. A Living Trust, however, is confidential and the transfer of assets is kept from public view.

As a Corporate Trustee, UB&T is acting in a fiduciary capacity. A fiduciary is a person acting on behalf of another party and is held to the highest legal standard of care. This means it is our legal duty to work solely in your best interests.


Our experienced Trust professionals can act as Executor/Personal Representative of estates.  WE will work closely with the heirs/beneficiaries in the settlement of your estate.

Estate administration involves responsibility for:

  • Gathering assets of the decedent
  • Payment of final debts and expenses
  • Tax filings
  • Court filings and reporting
  • Accounting to the beneficiaries
  • Distribution of assets per the terms of the Last Will & Testament
  • Closing the Estate file with the court

UB&T can help answer questions you may have with regards to creating as estate plan.  A good estate plan not only provides precise guidance for the future; it gives you and your family peace of mind today.  Let’s stat with a personal, confidential conversation!

Investment products are:
Not FDIC Insured – No Bank Guarantee – May Lose Value
Not all investment products are FDIC insured; Non-Deposit Investment Products (NDIPs) are not a deposit or other obligations of, or-guaranteed by, Union Bank & Trust Company; Non-Deposit Investment Products (NDIPs) are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. e. Investment and insurance products are not deposits, not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, not guaranteed by the bank and may lose value.