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At UB&T, we have over 30 years of combined crop insurance experience. We have dedicated specialists whose main focus is to provide you with the best service and knowledge in the industry. UB&T is also committed to serving you with the most up-to-date technology for crop insurance. We know that you are busy and will make the best use of technology to save you time all the while increasing accuracy in your reporting.

Individual Products

Guarantee is based on the production history of your farm.

Revenue Protection (RP)

  • RP guards against a loss in revenue caused by low prices, low yields or a combination of the two.
  • RP provides the most complete protection, allowing you to market your crop more aggressively.

Yield Protection (YP)

  • YP protects against low yields that are a result of weather conditions, but does not include price protection.

Crop Hail Insurance

Hail is one catastrophe that could destroy part of your crop while leaving the rest completely untouched. In many cases, the hail damage ends up being less than the deductible on your RP or YP policy. You may want to consider carrying a Crop Hail policy to fill that gap.

  • Crop Hail provides coverage acre by acre.
  • Choose your coverage level of $100 to $1,000 per acre on corn and soybeans.
  • Claims are paid independent of any multiperil policy coverage (you may collect on both policies).
  • You may choose a deductible or no deductible.
  • Many different endorsements to choose from including wind, green snap and extra harvest.
  • Basic hail insurance also covers lightning, fire, vandalism and transportation.
  • The premium rates are very affordable.

Area Risk Protection Insurance (ARPI)

With county-based protection, your individual yields don’t matter.

Area Revenue Plan (ARP)

  • ARP pays the loss if the combination of the county yield and the CME price falls below the guarantee.

Area Yield Protection (AYP)

  • AYP pays the loss if the county-based yield comes in below expected, but does not include price protection.

Margin Protection (MP)

  • MP provides producers with coverage against an unexpected decrease in their operating margin.

Livestock Gross Margin & Dairy Insurance

  • LGM Dairy, uses futures prices for corn, soybean meal and milk to determine expected and actual gross margin – the market value of milk minus feed costs. LGM Dairy is a USDA federally regulated program through the Risk Management Agency and can be tailored to fit different dairy operations.

Do All Crop Insurance Policies Cost the Same?

Yes, the underlying crop insurance rates are set by the federal government. Like in most insurance, the difference comes in the options that you select for your policy. Each year, new crop insurance options become available. Our UB&T specialized crop insurance agents will meet with you to discuss all options. Your crop insurance policy should be personalized to you and your operation.

Important Dates

  • Sign-up deadline for spring crops is March 15
  • Hail insurance renewal deadline is June 1
  • Sign-up deadline for winter wheat is September 30
  • Sign-up deadline for forage is September 30
  • Sign-up for Margin Protection is September 30
  • Sign-up for PRF (Pasture, Rangeland, Forage) is November 15.

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