Discover the benefits of the Union Bank & Trust Company VISA Gold Rewards Card and UB&T Debit Card! As south central Wisconsin’s community banking partner, we are dedicated to offering you credit and debit cards with your best interest in mind.

UB&T VISA Credit Card

When you travel and shop, carry the credit card that carries our UB&T name and our guarantee of customer satisfaction. Our VISA Gold Rewards Card is accepted worldwide. Use them for purchases or to get cash at more than 360,000 bank offices and automated teller machines (ATM) around the world. Your UB&T Visa Card is password protected when shopping at participating online stores. Travel accident insurance is free when you pay for your travel with our credit card. You also receive automatic coverage on rental vehicles, at no additional cost, for damage due to collision or theft at no additional cost.

24-hour card member service at 1-800-423-7503ub-t or view your account information online at www.mycardstatement.com. Customers with VISA Gold Reward Cards can go to www.myscorecardrewards.com to check their point balance, travel items, merchandise items, gift cards and redeem online.

Contact one of our offices to apply or download the VISA Gold Rewards Card application form (pdf). Please DO NOT return applications by email.

UB&T Debit Card

Avoid the hassle of writing checks by having a UB&T Debit Card. This is a dual purpose debit card, meaning you can make purchases at any merchant that accepts MasterCard or use your check card to obtain cash at automated teller machines (ATM). Check card transactions are automatically deducted from your UB&T checking account. Transactions will appear on your monthly statement. You can also monitor spending activity by visiting mobile and online banking. UB&T is part of Wisconsin’s ATM Access. For a listing of participating ATM locations visit www.atmaccess.net. Notify the bank if you will be traveling out of the area to put a travel alert on your account.

Limitations on the Amounts of Transfers:

  • Transactions using a PIN: $1,000.00 per day
  • Transactions without using a PIN: $1,000.00 per day
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal: $500 per day