There is something truly special about the small business owner who sees a need in the community and takes a risk to fill that need. We know. We were once that small business when we were first getting started in Evansville.

Creative financing for business owners, including Small Business Administration loans, is only the start of what we do at UB&T. We can help you manage your cash flow, plan for retirement or succession, and even help your employees manage their daily finances.

But it’s the non-financial stuff that you might find most valuable. Over the years, our team of commercial lenders and executives have worked with hundreds of businesses, and everything we’ve learned works to benefit each new client. Sometimes, an advisor, a confidant, and a partner in brainstorming can be just as valuable as a business loan.

Some of our business clients have shared stories about their experience with UB&T. Watch a growing series of short videos that take you behind the scenes of our approach to business partnerships.

What our customers are saying