Invest for your future with our new online platform that combines the benefits of access to a personal financial advisor with sophisticated technology.

Online Investing; Personalized for You

Guided Wealth Portfolios is our digital investing solution that allows you to invest online with a low starting minimum and low-cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You get flexibility and convenience all while working with a personal financial advisor.

What You Get

With Guided Wealth Portfolios, you get a diversified portfolio personalized for you and your individual investment goals.  Guided Wealth Portfolios is an innovative way to invest in your future, whether you want to save for retirement or a major purchase like a new home – or simply want to put your money to work in the market so it’s not sitting idle. You’ll also get to build a relationship with a financial advisor and engage with a personalized, online dashboard that shows you how your account is doing along the way.

Why Choose Guided Wealth Portfolios?

  • Lower fees than our traditional advising services
  • Automatic account diversification and rebalancing
  • Tailored to your age, risk tolerance and portfolio size
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Low minimums (just $5,000 to start!)

To Get Started

Visit our How It Works guide here.  Once you’ve reviewed you can register for a portfolio by visiting: to learn more.  Or schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our wealth advisors to determine which investment strategy is appropriate for you.